Lancaster Parts & Equipment

Mission and Vision

Lancaster Parts and Equipment makes it their mission each day to produce quality equipment. If you’re searching for after-market parts for various pieces of farm equipment, rest assured that when you buy from Lancaster Parts and Equipment, you’re guaranteed a piece of equipment that will last for years to come. Lancaster Parts and Equipment strives to be the best in the business. Building on an already strong reputation, Lancaster Parts and Equipment is always on the lookout for ways to improve and give its customers an even better experience with rugged and reliable aftermarket parts.

Letter from the President

Our mission is to be the best in the business while we continue to build on our strong reputation for quality, value and integrity in everything we do. We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and look forward to serving your needs!

Lancaster Parts is our fastest-growing department, carrying rugged and reliable aftermarket parts for all the best brands of farm equipment, including John Deere, Kemper, New Holland, CASE IH, and DION.

Our innovative online Parts Store Search allows farmers to quickly find the replacement parts they need to get back to work. We also have a knowledgeable aftermarket parts team to help farmers meet their parts needs by phone.

We manufacture four models of Lancaster Hammer Mills with instructional guides to meet customers' harvesting needs. And, our Lancaster Parts™ Bale Grabber is designed, engineered, and built with reinforced steel of the utmost quality and can pick up any round or square bale with a cylinder rod that’s reinforced with an additional 2′′ rod for greater durability.

While we have plenty of parts to sell, we know that doesn’t mean much without quality to back it up. That’s why we stand with our customers with honesty and integrity, guaranteeing our parts and our work with a firm handshake that we assure beats any warranty. That’s our promise to you.

Omar Smucker


Lancaster Parts and Equipment began in March of 1965 as Lancaster Silo by Paul S. Smucker and has been dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and quality of products at affordable prices.

In December of 2013, Lancaster Parts & Equipment changed hands to Paul’s son, Omar B. Smucker, and the company’s name was changed to Lancaster Parts & Equipment Inc.

In the 1990s, Lancaster Parts and Equipment started building kernel processors. Then, in 1995, went from building roller mills to manufacturing hammer mills.

Today, Lancaster Parts & Equipment produces reliable hammer mills, a dependable bale grabber, and a large selection of robust aftermarket parts for a variety of farm equipment.

Our History

Click on the check marks in the timeline below to discover more about our company's history over the years.

  • 1965

    Lancaster Silo

    Paul Smucker opened Lancaster Silo with his partner Omar Stoltzfus. The business started out making silos for local farmers.

  • 1970

    Company Headquarters

    The company built first building to serve as the company headquarters

  • 1971

    Additional Building

    Added a 2nd building to house silo parts and equipment

  • 1985

    Foraging Equipment

    Began offering foraging equipment. Paul Smucker took over as sole owner after Omar Stoltzfus left the business.

  • 1988

    First Kernel Processor

    Built the first kernel processor for John Deere pull-type harvesters. Built the first roller mill that preceded our line of hammer mills.

  • 1991

    Lancaster Hammer Mills

    Built the first hammer mill and launched Lancaster Hammer Mill, a new division of the company focused on manufacturing our own line hammer mills

  • 1992

    Self-Propelled Harvester

    Purchased the first self-propelled harvester to resell

  • 2002

    Growing Parts Division

    Added a new building to the existing facility for the growing parts division

  • 2006

    Omar Smucker Becomes a Partner

    Paul Smucker's son Omar Smucker joins the business and becomes a partner. Also began manufacturing our own line of after-market parts to further expand our parts inventory

  • 2007

    New Service Center Opens

    Built a fully-equipped service center to service a variety of farm vehicles and machinery

  • 2012

    Lancaster Parts & Equipment

    Lancaster Silo became Lancaster Parts & Equipment to better reflect the company's capabilities to the farming community

  • 2013

    New President

    Omar Smucker bought his father's share of the business and became President of Lancaster Parts & Equipment

  • 2015

    Lancaster Parts Division

    Created Lancaster Parts Division to focus on the growing demand for quality and competitively priced aftermarket parts.

  • 2017

    Lancaster Parts Division

    Started offering used lifts for agricultural warehouses and distribution points, expanded the service department to quickly make repairs and provide maintenance services, and began manufacturing of the Lancaster Parts Kernel Processor with belts on one side for easier removal and installation on J.D. 5000 Series Harvesters.