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V452T HD - Wheel Loader

This HD-Series wheel loader is designed for higher operating speeds and increased pulling force. The V452T HD features a 45 HP turbocharged Kubota engine and larger axles to achieve this greater performance.

About Giant

TOBROCO-GIANT is a well-respected manufacturer of machines and attachments used in the agriculture and other industries. Since 1996, they have been producing quality machines that are compact in design, but big in performance.

Pricing & Options

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GIANT’s Telescopic Wheel Loaders features:

  • Designed to promote safety and prevent tip overs.
  • Increased stability, flexibility, and performance over forklifts and traditional boom lifts.
  • Works with our Lancaster Parts Bale Grabber and over 100 attachments.
  • Optional enclosed cab with heating & ventilation.

Manufactured in the Netherlands, this famed European brand is now making their way into the US market. Lancaster Parts & Equipment is one of the first dealers in the United States, and the first along the East Coast.

V452T HD

  • Engine: 4 cylinder 45 HP Turbo-Charged Kubota Diesel
  • Hitch: Skidsteer Standard (Hydraulic Quick Attach)
  • Service Weight: 6,100 lbs.
  • Lifting Capacity: 3,960 lbs.
  • Tipping Load: 4,840 lbs.
  • Lifting Height: 116.7 inches

Illustrated Parts Guide

See the online catalog for this model providing a complete, illustrated parts breakdown.

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