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Hammer Mills are primarily used to crush material into smaller pieces. In the farming industry, these machines are used to grind down the harvested crops into a flour-like substance, which is then stored or fed to livestock. Perfect for grains and corn.

Hammer Mills come in variety of sizes for different industries, but are primarily used in the farming industry. For your convenience, we carry four different models of Hammer Mill and have provided instructional guides for all of them so we can meet all your harvesting needs. Call our team at 717-299-3721 with any questions or email us online!

MODEL 4000 - Rear Discharge

The rear discharge model comes equipped with a reduction gearbox that allows you to hook up either a 540 or 1000 PTO bagger.

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Model 4000 - Blower Out

The blower-out model does an excellent job of filling a silo with high-moisture corn. This model will fill a 90-foot silo!

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Model 4000 - Bagger Mill

All in one bagger-grinding. Makes high-moisture corn grinding simple. Comes with 6', 8', 9' and 10' hoop option.

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Model 4000 - Side Discharge

The side discharge works really well for farmers who plan on filling bunks. This model will create a nice sized pile that can then be pushed into the bunk.

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