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Hammer Mills

Hammer Mills are primarily used to crush material into smaller pieces. In the farming industry, these machines are used to grind down the harvested crops into a flour-like substance, which is then stored or fed to livestock. Lancaster Hammer Mills are perfect for grinding grains and corn.

Our 8-belt drive system can handle up to 300 horsepower and is enclosed in shields designed for easy servicing. Hammers are designed to be flipped after one side wears out for maximum lifespan. Screens can be quickly changed to accommodate different moisture levels and desired particle size.

Hammer Mills come in variety of sizes for different industries. Our machines are primarily designed to cater to grinding grains such as corn, wheat, and barley.

However, we might be able to help you with other grinding needs you might have. Please call our team at (717) 299-3721 with any questions or requests for custom grinding applications or contact us online!

Model 4120 - Stationary

The electric mill gives you control of your entire feeding process! Save money on feeding costs and have peace of mind about the quality of feed that your animals are eating.

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Model 4120 - Hammer Mill Bagger

This all-in-one bagger/grinder simplifies grinding and grain storage. Comes with 6', 8', and 10' hoop option. Hoops are designed for easy installation.

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Model 4120 - Blower Out

The blower out is designed to grind corn and blow it directly into a silo. This model will fill up to a 100 foot silo at 25% moisture.

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Model 4120 - Belt Discharge

The belt discharge model is great for filling bunks and commodity sheds. The belt discharge system uses less horsepower than an auger discharge and allows you to throw the feed away from the machine.

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